Student Poster Competition

Announcement (June 7)Participant for the “Student Poster Presentation Competition” on 6/21, please refer to the attached PDF for the arrangement. Please also follow the competition instructions for preparing your presentation. Poster size A0 size, (119 cm (H) × 84 cm (W))

Student Poster Competition

Instructions for Poster Presentation Competition :


  1. Biocatalysis
  2. Electrocatalysis
  3. Photocatalysis
  4. Photoelectrocatalysis
  5. Thermocatalysis
  6. Computational Catalysis
  7. Characterization and Porous Materials for Catalysis
  8. Reaction Engineering and Industrial Applications



  1. Participants who register for this conference and submit papers, and choose to present their papers in poster format, are eligible to participate in this competition.
  2. Participants are advised to refer to the conference website for details, as individual notifications will not be sent. Participants are required to upload English abstracts online on the conference website.
  3. Participants in this competition will be grouped according to the topic of their submitted papers.
  4. Winners must agree to provide electronic copies of their posters to the conference organizers for archiving and website listing.


Instruction and Rules:

  1. Information such as group lists, competition sessions, presentation orders, and presentation locations will be announced on the conference website after the deadline.
  2. Contestants must arrive at the reporting location 15 min before the start of the designated period (13:00-15:00, June 21, 2024).
  3. The representative authors participating in the poster presentation competition should wait at their poster papers during the designated judging time for the judges. The authors should introduce their posters in English and respond to questions. The judging panel will evaluate the winning posters based on the overall content of the posters and the performance during the question and answer session.
  4. Authors should post their posters on the designated poster boards before the presentation time and remove them afterward.
  5. If the representative authors fail to post their posters within 5 minutes after the start of the designated judging time, or if they fail to be present at their poster papers before the judges arrive, they will be deemed to have forfeited their competition eligibility.。
  6. Poster size
    A0 size, (119 cm (H) × 84 cm (W))


Time and location:

  • Location:IB 2F, and IB 3F, NTUST
  • Time:June 21 afternoon (13:00-15:00), 2024



  • In each topic, a certain number of awards, including gold, silver, bronze, and honorable mentions, will be selected based on the proportion of entries.
  • Each recipient of a gold, silver, bronze, or honorable mention award will receive a certificate, and scholarship prizes will also be awarded for gold, silver, and bronze awards.
  • The poster presentation awards will be awarded publicly in the closing ceremony.
  • All awardees need to attend the closing ceremony.