Student Oral Presentation Contest

Participants are separated in four groups. Please kindly refer to the list which shows the order of your presentation and upload your presentation files in the corresponding meeting room in advance.

Please also follow the given instructions to prepare your presentation.

Student Oral Presentation Contest


Instructions for Oral Presentation Competition :


  1. Biocatalysis
  2. Electrocatalysis
  3. Photocatalysis
  4. Photoelectrocatalysis
  5. Thermocatalysis
  6. Computational Catalysis
  7. Characterization and Porous Materials for Catalysis
  8. Reaction Engineering and Industrial Applications



Only students (undergraduate, master, PhD) with valid student ID are eligible. Postdoctoral fellows are excluded. Students interested in participating in the competition should indicate it clearly during the registration process and successfully completed the registration.



  1. Contestants must arrive at the reporting location 15 min before the start of the designated period (15:30-17:30, June 19, 2024).
  2. Regular oral presentation: 8 min (1st alarm: 6 min; 2nd alarm: 8 min), NO Q&A.
  3. Contestants must stop reporting immediately after the 2nd alarm.
  4. The oral presentation must be presented in English.
  5. The scoring criteria include research innovation, research completeness, reporting organization and reporting skills.


Registration and Payment

  1. Each student must complete the registration and payment for the TICC-2024 Conference.
  2. Each student must show your student ID card.



  1. Best Oral, Excellence and Honorable Mention Awards will be rewarded in the closing ceremony.
  2. All awardees need to attend the closing ceremony.



The organizers reserve the right to amend the rules and the regulations of the program . Should there be disputes, the Organizers reserves the right to the final decision.

Should there be disputes of the prizes and competition results, the organizers reserve the right of the final decision